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Built In Success

Built-in cabinetry, whether part of a home’s initial design or added to organize and display books, artwork, or knick-knacks, has long offered a way for home owners to introduce a distinctive look to their interior. With the rise of digital media, and minimalist decor, buyers have less of a need for this once widely coveted feature.

Fear not, a huge renovation may not be needed if your built-ins are outdated. Sometimes, all that is needed is a minor remodel. Here are seven changes that can breathe life into your built-in cabinetry.

Paint or Stain

Giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint or new stain can make them an asset to your space. Consider color matching them to the trim in the room. Painting is more cost effective than staining but be sure to pick a quality semigloss or gloss paint that can withstand the wear and tear of books and other storage.


Remove elaborate molding that doesn’t fit the home’s style. Such detail may be too busy for homeowners leaning toward a simple 


Change Your Hardware

Switching knobs or pulls can be a simple fix to updating your built-ins. However, these trends change quickly so it’s important you’re up to date with the latest look. The shape of the hardware can also make a difference in the impression it leaves. Long, skinny pulls have a more modern feel than round or octagonal ones.

Change or remove cabinet and drawer fronts. If doors are overly for the space, switch them out for flat and more flat, modern options. Also, consider removing fronts entirely and finish the resulting edges, turning closed cabinetry into shelving.


Install Lighting. Adding bulbs at the top or sides of shelves add drama and highlight displays. To avoid hiring an electrician, hom


eowners can opt for battery operated LED’s. Select bulbs that work on dimmers to vary light levels and mood.

Make It POP!

Introduce a bold accent. An affordable touch to your built-ins is covering the back wall with a contrasting paint hue, a faux finish, wallpaper, or even mirrors or grass.

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